Rotel is a family owned Japanese manufacturer of high end audio and video equipment, home theatre, amplifiers and compact disc players, established in 1961. They have risen to the top of the affordable audio and home theatre electronics category.

The RCD 855 was the most influential product for the company in the 90’s, since then Rotel has branched into amplifiers, preamplifiers, surround processors, tuners and custom installation keypads. Popular Rotel products include the 15 Series, the RA-1520 Integrated Amplifier and the RSX-1560 A/V Receiver.

All Rotel’s products are manufactured from scratch under their home tailored “Balanced Design Concept”, a disciplined synthesis of physics, electronics and mechanical engineering, the company states: “Great sound comes from informed engineering, not necessarily high cost and no single design aspect will be emphasised at the cost of lower performance elsewhere in the product”.