Lutron, established in the late 1950’s by Joel and Ruth Spira. They are best known for their invention of the first successful solid-state electronic dimmer. This simple rotary dimmer, created through the experimentation of thyristors, can still be found on many dining-room walls today. It marked the birth of the lighting control industry. Dimmers are practical and energy saving and, with this in mind, it was a brilliant creation that would ensure the long-term appeal of lighting controls. Today, the dimmers can be controlled from smart phones, tablets or universal remote controls.

The company now holds over 2,700 patents and 15,000 products worldwide. They are the leaders in high quality lighting controls for fluorescent, halogen incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage and LED light sources – they are also the only company to create systems of dimmers and motorised window shades that can control both electric light and daylight.

They do not only specialise in residential solutions, their portfolio consists of hotels, restaurants, retail stores, conference facilities, education, hospitals, museums and public spaces. Lutron have also been known for creating light management systems that control entire building complexes, some of the larger control systems include the 52-story New York Times Building, Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, The White House and Windsor Castle.