Audio Visual Hampshire
Knightsbridge Audio Visual is opening an office and soon completing a show house, in the heart of the New Forest close to Lymington.

Branching out of London we will be offering our audio visual and smart home technology design and installation services to all of Hampshire. Explore more about our products and their features below.

Visit our show house
The KAV Hampshire show house in Lymington features a full range of integrated smart home technology. From lighting scenes, intelligent heating control, multi-room music and automated blinds to smart home security, touchscreen control and more.

You can visit our show house to experience all of our audio visual services in Hampshire in a live home installation.

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We work with a number of home control systems including Control4, Crestron, Savant, Lutron and Rako, depending on your preferences and requirements.

We believe your home technology should be functional but simple to control.
Everything from lighting scenes to automated blinds can be programmed to keypads and touchscreens, conveniently placed around your home.

With remote access, you can also control every aspect of your home from your phone or tablet, anywhere in the world. Check on your security system and get notifications of activity or simply pre-heat the pool before you arrive.

Occupancy modes also allow your home to appear inhabited, while you are away. Simply setting your home automation system to an ‘away mode’ can for example, trigger various lights and blinds to operate as if you were home.


Heating, ventilation & climate control all at the touch of a button, on a beautiful interface.

With advanced integration you can control your system in different zones and from any number of programmed presets. With remote connectivity, control your smart heating system from anywhere.


KAV has many years experience in lighting control and programming.

From ceiling down lights to integrated LED strips, bedside lamps and decorative lighting, we can set up control and scene programming to create the perfect atmosphere for all occasions.

Smart lighting control can be programmed to keypads and touchscreens around your home, as well as PIR sensors to simply trigger certain scenes as you enter a room. For example, a dim warm light on the landing if you leave your bedroom during the night. The same sensor could trigger a bright white scene on a gloomy day or nothing at all if the sun is out.


Home automation and smart security systems go hand in hand when securing your property.

A ring of the doorbell can be answered by video feed to any of the touchscreens around your home, or remotely by a mobile device. Your intruder alarm system can also be remotely accessed, with notifications of events and smart alarm systems can be programmed with a number of features. We can also install CCTV systems, keypad entry systems, biometric entry systems, graded security doors and security windows.

Many features of a smart security system can also control your home automation. For example, leaving the house and setting the alarm can automatically turn off the lights and close the blinds. Coming home to a cold house in the winter? Geolocation tracking can start to warm the house and set your favourite lighting scenes before your arrival.


KAV manages your perfect home cinema installation.

Working with the highest quality brands, everything from the surround sound system to the media server creates a flawless home cinema experience.

We work with ultra high definition screens as well as high quality projectors and projector screens, both of which can drop down from the ceiling, hiding them when not in use. Use your home automation system to launch all aspects of your home cinema from the touch of a button, including the perfect lighting scene.


We can install and connect your choice of television screens to your home automation system.
Centrally distributed video connections allows your streaming services and media content to be viewed from any television in your property.

We also work with various TV lift suppliers to control how you view your television. If you want your screens to be completely hidden when not in use, they can rise out of cupboards or drop down from the ceiling. Alternatively your TV can be recessed into a wall or bookcase with automated sliding screens in front.


Your complete home audio system can be connected to a wide range of streaming services or your own local collection of music.

Your property will be split into zones so that you can choose to play audio in one room, just downstairs or across the whole property.

We work with a number of high quality speaker manufacturers. Whether you would like free standing floor speakers, surround sound, integrated in-wall and in-ceiling speakers or completely hidden plaster-over speakers, we will connect them to your home control system. This also allows your televisions, home cinema and any other audio devices to use your premium speakers, anywhere in the property.


An aerial and satellite system allows your property to receive transmitted services such as Sky TV which will integrate into your system. They can also receive FM and DAB.

We can also integrate foreign data services over IP using your home network.