Crestron Home Automation

The very best home automation should make your life simpler and easier, not more complex.

That’s why when you choose Crestron home automation, you aren’t faced with an array of remote controls, dials and switches. Instead, you will be able to control your home with one or two touches, right from your own iPhone, iPad or Android.

Few companies have done as much to become synonymous with the terms lighting control and home automation than Crestron. Of course, that association doesn’t happen by chance, it’s earned by hard work and stands as testament to the quality of the company’s products.

The company has an enormous range of products to suit each and every one of your needs, whether that’s improving your home security, reducing your energy waste or upgrading your home entertainment system. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to Crestron, a  company known for excellence in innovation.


KAV Staff are Experienced Crestron Programmers

Crestron are the leading providers of home automation for both residential and commercial buildings. They have accomplished this by retaining a highly skilled team of labourers that produce complex devices with minimal errors. We recommend Crestron for when you have exact needs for your building that require specialist programming or unique solutions.

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