Linn Hifi | Speakers and Sound System

Whether you are aiming to add the final few pieces to your existing sound system, or looking to build an entirely new one from the ground up, Linn is a critically acclaimed brand that should be on your radar.

Those on the look out for cutting edge of sound quality may have already heard of Exakt. With a typical hi-fi, formatting changes and interference from cabling can result in a dramatic reduction in sound quality. Exakt preserves the connection between the original artist and the listener by allowing a more perfect transmission of the original studio masterfile. This means that the music you listen to sounds exactly the way the artist intended it to.

Another advantage of Linn is that you can use their technology to upgrade your existing speakers. This enhances your sound quality in a way that mitigates the need for a complete replacement of your existing tech. If you’d like to hear the improvements firsthand, you can book a personal listening session to try before you commit to making a purchase.

Linn has also released an app that allows you control over your sound system in place of, or in conjunction with, your existing remote. Whether you keep Linn’s app or go for a smart home upgrade, the choice remains yours.

For upgrades, replacement or new installations of a home audio system using Linn, please contact us on 020 7736 1483 or contact us here to schedule an appointment.

Linn Hifi Installation | KAV London
Linn Hifi Speakers | KAV London
Linn Hifi Installation | KAV London