William Stewart

Managing Director

After finishing at Kingston Polytechnic I graduated from Royal Air Force Cranwell and was commissioned in the Royal Air Force Administrative Branch; 2 years spent as an accountant was enough for me to request a Branch Transfer and I was duly re-Branched into the Intelligence Branch.  I specialised in reconnaissance with an electronic biased and spent the next 6 years being immersed in some of the most advanced technologies known.


After “retiring” I spent the next 2 years in the Health Club industry being involved with new Club launches for Virgin Active and LA Fitness; this gave me a fantastic insight into the leisure world and why health clubs are designed as they are.  AV systems were being incorporated in the new builds and my electronics background allowed me to keep-up with the pace.


The next 3 years saw me in Asia dealing in commodities, followed by 2 years back in the UK within the events industry.  Here I was responsible for the operational side of the events on the technological side; I would oversee the project managers and we solely dealt with the lighting, audio and visual side of the events.


I joined KAV early 2007.